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Keep your child well this Winter

A new Bromley guide for parents has been published to help them keep their child well over winter. Although cold weather doesn’t cause colds, flu and wheezing, these viruses are more common in winter as we are in closer contact with each other due to being indoors.

But help is at hand! The One Bromley guide to keeping your child well this winter is now available. It has lots of useful tips and advice on managing symptoms at home and when to seek medical advice. It is available online and printed copies will soon be available in December from your GP practice and health visitor.

Dr Bhumika Mittal, Bromley GP advises: “Parents often dread winter as it’s the season for runny noses, fevers, and germs everywhere. It is a time when babies and children get sick more often.

You know your child best so trust your instincts. If they are unwell and don’t have any worrying symptoms, please treat them at home. If you are worried, speak to your local pharmacist or go online to If they are not improving speak to your GP practice.

During the winter months we see many more families and children with minor conditions that can be managed at home. Please help your NHS and use the right service when you need to”.

Keep Your Child Well This Winter A5 booklet - One Bromley | PDF