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5-10 years

Welcome to the 5-10 years section of the Bromley 0 to 19 children's health service website; providing information for parents and carers of children aged 5 to 10 about all aspects of your child’s health, development and wellbeing.

The Bromley 0 to 19 service supports parents and carers to give their babies, children and young people the best possible start in life. The Bromley 5 to 10 service provides advice and support about your child’s development and growth, healthy eating, physical activity, emotional wellbeing and immunisations.

We’ll support you to become confident in looking after the health and development needs of your child from when they are born to when they transition into adulthood. We will also provide support to children and young people as they grow and develop, offering information and advice as and when needed.

Our Health Visitors will support you in getting your child ready for primary school. They will provide guidance on arranging pre-school immunisations and advice about healthy eating, toileting, hand washing, etc. At five years your child moves to the care of our School Nurses.

School Nurses are qualified Nurses or Midwives who have completed further training. Every school has a named School Nurse who provides advice to children about healthy living and supports them in their choices. They are approachable and non-judgemental and their aim is to enable children and young people to improve their health and wellbeing and reach their full potential. 

What if I want advice outside of school?

You can either phone on 0300 330 5777 or use the live chat function on our website, whichever you find easier. Calls are recorded for training and quality purposes, to find out more visit Privacy | Bromley 0 to 19 Public Health Service.

This element of the service consists mostly of School Nurses working closely with each school to:

  • Take an overview of the health needs of the children and young people in the school
  • Provide expert advice to the school on health needs
  • Undertake risk assessments of each school’s ability to protect the health of their children and young people
  • Support schools to develop appropriate Quality Assurance processes for health in schools
  • Support schools in the development and maintenance of Individual Health Care Plans (IHCPs)
  • Identify health training needs of staff in schools and agree training plan with each school
  • Work with the Safeguarding team to keep pupils with health conditions safe, manage risk and reduce harm
  • Identify key health issues in schools

The School Nursing team will complete the following checks, during which they will also review appropriate interventions for any physical, emotional or developmental problems that may have been missed or not addressed. Parental consent will always be obtained in advance.

Height and Weight Measurements

In Reception and Year 6, your child’s height and weight will be measured in line with the National Child Measurement Programme to assess whether they are the most suitable weight for their height.

Find out more about the National Child Measurement Programme

Eyesight Checks

When in Reception the Community Nursery Nurse will also check your child’s eyesight and will inform you of the results, along with further information on who to contact, if appropriate.

Find out more about eye tests for children

Safeguarding is protecting those who are vulnerable from abuse or neglect. It means making sure children and young people are supported to get good access to health care and stay well. All children and young people need to have trusted adults around them to make sure they are kept safe from harm by other people, or from hurting themselves. It is also about taking action to enable all children and young people to have the best possible outcomes.

Safeguarding (children and young people)