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Selfies and texting

Nudes, sexts, fanpics – whatever you call them – taking pics of your bits and sending them to someone else is never a good idea. Whether it’s to your boyfriend or girlfriend or someone you’ve met online, a quick snap can have long term consequences.

It's important to talk to be aware the risks of sexting and to ask for help if someone's pressuring you to send or share nudes, or if you're worried about something. Some of the risks of sexting or sending and sharing nudes for children and young people are:

  • losing control of the images, videos or messages and how they're shared. Once something's shared online it's public and can be saved or copied by others.
  • blackmail, bullying and harm. Young people can have their photos, messages or videos shared without their consent or be bullied about them. This can lead to them feeling difficult emotions like distress or embarrassment and shame.

REMEMBER – If you have shared something you regret, or you’re being bullied because of it, it’s never too late to get help. Click here to find out more.